Where to Get A Vaccine, With an Appointment, if You’re 75-Plus

Hartford HealthCare, in partnership with state agencies, has begun vaccinating Connecticut residents 75 and older to protect our most vulnerable [...]

Treating Teen Substance Abuse: Having a Choice and a Voice

By Carrie B. Pichie, PhD Regional Director Of Ambulatory Services Hartford HealthCare Behavioral Health Network, East Region An estimated 1.5 [...]

Vaccine Arrives in Hartford and Inoculations Begin, Providing Hope Against COVID-19

By Shawn Mawhiney and Steve Coates Nine months after the first COVID-19 patients emerged at Hartford HealthCare (HHC) hospitals, a [...]

Holiday Stress Takes a Complicated Twist During COVID-19

By Peter DeRosa Natchaug Hospital Lead Primary Therapist Care Plus, Groton Holidays can be stressful enough, so adding a global [...]

Can Extended Play Make Video Gamers Much Happier? This Study Says Yes.

The stereotype of a video gamer involves slouching in a basement, munching endless snacks in sweatpants and, with bleary eyes [...]

A Dream Pediatric Playground Opens at Natchaug

Marisol Caraballo almost cried when she saw the new playground at Natchaug Hospital. “We all work together at Natchaug to [...]

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