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Psychiatric, Psychological, and Neuropsychological evaluations are often helpful to school districts when there are concerns about an aspect of a student’s functioning that impacts his or her presentation or performance at school.

The Program

Natchaug Hospital provides evaluations to generate information that can aid in determining if a student has a disability requiring supportive services at school. Such evaluations also provide further information to the planning and placement team about the identified areas of concern and suggest appropriate interventions for remediation.

Psychological Assessments

The Psychological Services Department also provides psychological assessments for children and adolescents admitted to the inpatient unit, as well as evaluations for the Journey House residential treatment center and Clinical Day Treatment schools. The department also coordinates psychiatric, psychological, and neuropsychological evaluations for public schools, and offers a practicum placement for students pursuing their doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluations
    Natchaug Hospital provides a comprehensive Autism Spectrum evaluation that includes thorough diagnostic interviews, structured observations of the youth, and measures of emotional, social, and behavioral functioning.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) Evaluations
    Natchaug Hospital’s ADHD evaluations include a variety of measures completed by the youth, parent / caregiver, and teacher(s), as well as a computerized assessment to directly measure the youth’s attention.
  • Journey House Residential Treatment Center
    In 2004, Natchaug Hospital opened a 13-bed transitional living community on its Mansfield Center campus to provide intensive, comprehensive mental health treatment and special education for court-involved adolescent girls.

Evaluations for Court-Involved Children & Youth

Natchaug Hospital's Psychological Services Department works with the Connecticut justice system to provide evaluations for juvenile courts in Willimantic and Waterford. The Juvenile Justice Intermediate Evaluations (JJIE) and Department of Children and Families Intermediate Evaluations (DCFIE) are comprehensive, multidisciplinary evaluations for court-involved children and youth.

  • Juvenile Justice Intermediate Evaluations (JJIE)
    Juvenile Justice Intermediate Evaluations is a court-ordered, comprehensive, outpatient, multidisciplinary evaluation program for children / youth who have juvenile justice involvement and have been referred by the Juvenile Justice System.
  • Department of Children and Families Intermediate Evaluations (DCFIE)
    Department of Children & Families Intermediate Evaluations (DCFIE) is a comprehensive, outpatient, multidisciplinary evaluation program for children / youth who have juvenile justice involvement and have been referred by the Department of Children & Families.

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Natchaug Hospital’s clinical teams use a variety of interview techniques and assessment tools to generate recommendations for school interventions and follow up care. Psychiatric, Psychological and Neuropsychological evaluations can be requested to gain information and insight on:

  • School avoidance
  • Social functioning
  • Emotional Functioning
  • Psychiatric diagnoses
  • Behavior problems
  • Level of risk
  • Learning, academic, cognitive functioning

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Referrals & Payment

Annemarie D’Ambrosio-Govardhan, Psy.D.
Coordinator of Psychological Services



Jill Bourbeau
Director of School Programs


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