The Inpatient School Program

The Inpatient School Program serves students who are hospitalized on the child or adolescent inpatient unit in Mansfield.

During their stay on the inpatient unit, students in the inpatient school have the ability to continue with structure and academics in a safe, consistent, and nurturing environment that allows the flexibility to focus on treatment. This decreases the opportunity for work avoidance and reduces the stress of falling behind peers at their home school.
All of the classes are taught by certified teachers and supported by educational assistants and mental health workers.

Clinical Services:

  • Discharge summary and aftercare report for schools to assist the student after his or her stay*
  • Implementation of behavior intervention plans*
  • Collaboration with treatment team
  • Group therapy focused on social functioning, stress reduction and situational tolerance
  • Assistance with learning sustainable coping skills focused on success in the classroom
  • Behavior management, strategies and incentive systems
  • Assistance with activities of daily living

Academic Services:

  • Communication with, and work from, the home school district*
  • Implementation of IEP/504 plans*
  • Access to speech, language and occupational therapy*
  • Report cards, grades and credit transfers*
  • Full K-12 curriculum
  • Creation of highly engaging lessons, based on interest and ability level
  • Art and physical education
  • Differentiated instruction
  • Six-hour school day;189 days per year

*Only available with signed release of information for the school district.​

Program Locations:

  • Natchaug Hospital

    Natchaug Hospital is the key provider of a regional system of care for children, adolescents and adults who are living with mental illness and substance abuse problems.

The Inpatient School Program

  • Students

    Ages: 5 - 21
    Gender: Female & Male
    Capacity: 24