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  • How to Help Teens Resist the Urge to Blow Past COVID-19 Guidelines

    May 14, 2020

    While parents often feel like broken records, constantly repeating safety reminders and directions on an endless loop, pandemic parents of teenagers need to be prepared to keep that theme moving as the world starts to reopen around us and the kids want out. “We, as adults, know to go slow…

  • Time for a Change? How to Reexamine Your Life Amid COVID-19

    May 13, 2020

    Everyone seems focused on the light at the end of this COVID-19 tunnel and getting back to “normal” once the pandemic eases, but is that what we should want – what was normal to us – or is there something else? Maybe you’ve mentally penned a list of things you…

  • Look for These Signs of Depression in Children, Teens During COVID-19

    May 12, 2020

    Children and adolescents are not immune to the stress stirred up by the COVID-19 pandemic, as disrupted schedules and separation from friends and activities leaves many of them feeling anxious and fearful. Dr. Ari Steinberg, clinical supervisor of ambulatory services at the Institute of Living (IOL), part of Hartford HealthCare’s…

  • Why Marijuana Might Not Be Harmful to the Teen Brain

    May 11, 2020

    Cheech & Chong aside, commentary published by a Hartford HealthCare researcher declares that teen marijuana use may not affect one’s IQ as is generally assumed. Dr. Godfrey Pearlson, director of the Olin Neuropsychiatry Research Center and research director at the Institute of Living, part of Hartford HealthCare, was the single…

  • 6 Ways To Fight Job Burnout During COVID-19

    May 07, 2020

    Work for those battling on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic as never been more challenging, which only increases the chances of burnout. Employers can put various tactics and protocols in place, and organize help for teams, but workers should also be vigilant for early signs their job is causing…

  • Domestic Violence Spikes During COVID-19: How to Get Help

    May 06, 2020

    For some, following stay-at-home recommendations during the COVID-19 pandemic is torture. For others, it is bliss. But for an increasing number of people, it is downright dangerous. Patricia Rehmer, Vice President of behavioral health for Hartford HealthCare, said the incidence of domestic violence in Connecticut have risen more than 20…

  • What You Can Do to Help Someone Who Is Depressed

    May 04, 2020

    Few people really seem themselves during the COVID-19 pandemic as we juggle new schedules, isolate ourselves and, for essential workers, face spirit-crushing realities as many help others gravely ill with the virus. But, besides other responsibilities you may be juggling right now, being mindful of the behavioral health state of…

  • Life Upside Down? Here Are 7 Things You Can Control Now

    May 04, 2020

    Life certainly feels off lately, but you can still be in control. Sure, you’re physically separated from loved ones or your job, unable to visit favorite shops and limited to takeout for dining, but when the COVID-19 pandemic has upended your life, it’s even more important to focus on what…

  • Has ‘Stay at Home’ Meant More Drinking at Home?

    May 04, 2020

    At first, the COVID-19 requirement to stay home felt chaotic and unstructured, but even as many found a groove, some uncontrolled habits remained, including excessive drinking. Whether it’s isolation, lack of in-person support group meetings or sheer boredom, the nation’s consumption of alcohol has spiked as the pandemic drags on….

  • For Some, PTSD Expected to Follow COVID-19

    April 27, 2020

    While the full emotional effect of the fight against COVID-19 won’t be fully realized for years, behavioral healthcare teams are beginning to see increases in the number of people needing help. Patricia Rehmer, MSN, ACHE, president of the Behavioral Health Network and vice president for Hartford HealthCare, said she and her…

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